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Daily Unique Visitors

Unique visitors refers to the count of distinct people requesting pages from the website throughout a given time, does not matter how often they visit. Our domain value checker tool shows your website daily unique visitor. You can target to increase selected website traffic by using this information.

Website Traffic Source Checker

Website Traffic Source Checker helps you to check website traffic source like direct source, organic source, link source, main source, social source, ads. This website value tool offers you many more magical features to improve your domain value and website traffic. Analyze your and competitor's website built with technology, and improve your website worth and website traffic by engaging internet visitors.

Organic Search Keyword Checker

Our domain appraisal tool fetches data from top searched keyword of the website. You can see the keyword in the graph.

Top Countries of Website traffic

By using our free #1 domain appraisal tool you can see that which country send the most traffic to your website. Our domain appraisal tool fetches all the data from various online resources and shows you in the 3D graph.

Website Bounce Rate

The percentage of visitors to a specific website who leaves the website after viewing only 1 page within 30 seconds is known as website bounce rate. How much any specific website have the bounce rate? Don't worry just enter the URL of your domain and Mysitewealth will display the bounce rate of your website.

Domain Authority Checker

Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA) and Moz Rank is a metric, developed by Moz, to predict the power of a website/domain to rank in search engines. Domain authority uses a 0 to 100 scale. A high Domain authority (DA) score suggests that your complete website and Its all the pages on your domain name have the potential to rank well in google and other search engine results.

Domain Value Calculator

Do you wish to find your domain value and also the website worth & price because your domain name might be more valuable than you think? With this free domain appraisal tool, you will be able to understand what is the worth of your domain name? the free website traffic checker tool calculates the domain value based on the website keywords statistics, website rankings, the revenue from advertising and other sources.

Domain Whois Checker

People always want to be aware of the specific domain registrant. Who Registered this domain? Mysitewealth's WHOIS lookup provides you the flexibility to lookup any generic domains, like "" to search out about the registered domain holder. Use WHOIS lookup to find the contact info of a website owner. Did you use to perform WHOIS search today?

Website Hosting Information

Who is hosting any specific website on the web? To know about the website hosting provider (ISP), Server IP Address, Server Location, Server Response Time, Server HTTP Code, You just enter the URL of any specific website, and we provide the information of web hosting provider.

Google Index Page

Indexing is the process of the data, gathered by the Googlebot or Bingbot or other search engine's bot from its crawl activities. The website owner should always know about that how many pages of their website, Googlebot have already indexed in Google search engine for better website ranking and traffic. And if not, they should try to index their specific website pages in Google and other search engines.

Social Media Stats

Domain appraisal tool check that how many links of your website shared on social media.

Website Built With

Uncovers the technologies used on websites using free website framework detector and find out any specific website is built with. People always want to find about the technology used in website development of any specific. Enter any URL and get the builtwith website platform within 1-2 second.

Site Worth Domain Value Calculator & Website Traffic Estimator

By website traffic estimator tool you can track website traffic of any website. With the help of website traffic estimator you can know how many visitor visit any website.

KNOW MORE ABOUT MYSITEWEALTH.COM is free unlimited domain appraisal tool where you can check your website worth and revenue information according google adsense earning with just one click. This website appraisal tool calculates a domain value in bulk and website traffic information with the help of various online sources, information and gives you most reliable results without taking any cost from you.

If you want to evaluate site worth and traffic, then you can use this no. 1 free domain value calculator. You can check your website daily page views, daily Adsense revenue of a website, domain authority (DA), page authority (PA), Moz rank, bounce rate and website page speed. is a best website traffic estimator tool which is freely available to calculate domain value and site traffic information.

This website value calculator has many other awesome features which can be used freely, these features are that you can check domain age of the website, check website traffic source. has its own algorithm and Raw data website is collected from various sources and processed by machine learning algorithms to calculate domain value or domain worth. To calculate website value or website worth, algorithm collects more data from different online sources. Then algorithm gives you the estimated website valuation and daily, monthly revenue information.